Mediation Fees

Flat Fee

A flat fee of $3,500 is charged for the planning meeting and the negotiation session. This includes Mick’s time to prepare for these events. Unless otherwise directed, the fees will be divided equally among the parties. An invoice for each parties’ share of the $3,500 will be sent at the conclusion of the planning meeting. All fees are due three business days before the negotiation session. If the case settles after the planning meeting, and the negotiation session is therefore cancelled, the fee is $1,750.

Hourly Fee

The planning meeting may result in an agreement that Mick should complete certain additional services. For example, he might be asked to neutrally evaluate certain key factual or legal issues. Mick’s time spent on these additional services is billed at an hourly rate of $350 per hour, shared equally by the parties. In order to control the parties’ expense for mediation, Mick will provide an estimate of time anticipated for the service, and contact the parties if the time requirements will exceed the initial estimate.