ADR Services​​​​
I know the value of settlement.  For over 34 years, I have represented both plaintiffs and defendants in a wide variety of cases.  Some of those cases needed to be tried.  But most of my cases settled for far less cost, stress, and risk of uncertainty. ​​​

Through the years, I have participated in hundreds of mediations with dozens of mediators.  We are fortunate to have many fine mediators in the Portland area.  From this experience, I have come to see what generally works and does not work in mediation.

I enjoy the unique role of mediator. I do it because I think I have something to contribute. I approach the process with a simple goal:  to treat the litigants and their attorneys the way I want to be treated when I represent a litigant.

As mediator, I try to make the process efficient, and yet keep the process respectful, and open to everyone’s input.  Mediation is a time to create space where parties and their attorneys can "breathe" for a bit.

I expect the parties to make their best efforts at settling their dispute. That means everyone needs to be well prepared, and have a common set of expectations for the mediation process. When parties or their attorneys come to the mediation with widely different goals and expectations, the process normally fails.

I like to have a conversation with the attorneys before each mediation session. I favor a more evaluative process, when the attorneys think my views of the strengths and risks of the case would be helpful. I find that providing feedback in a neutral and constructive way often helps.

One of my strongest assets as a mediator is my experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants in a broad variety of cases over 34 years. I have not been whetted to just one point of view, or one side of the fence between plaintiffs and defendants.  Each case stands on its own merits. 

I also arbitrate cases through the Arbitration Service of Portland. You can request my service through ASP, or a direct engagement when the parties consent.

If you would like to schedule a mediation or arbitration, please call my legal assistant, or send me an email. I would enjoy working to assist the parties in your cases.